Government relations

Ascend Strategic Counsel advocates with and for its clients to the decision-makers that matter.  In partnering with its clients to government, Ascend Strategic Counsel helps build relationships based on trust and credibility.  Ascend Strategic Counsel understands that effective government relations are not about meetings, it is about building a mature set of relationships based on credibility and respect so that a client’s voice is heard and acknowledged by those who need to know.

In pursuing an effective government relations strategic for its clients, Ascend Strategic Counsel builds ‘stakeholder maps’ to ensure its advocacy is targeted, appropriate and effective.  This facilitates a client’s access to the right component of Canberra’s bureaucratic and political network without wasting time and resources.

In preparing an effective government relations strategy for its clients, Ascend Strategic Counsel provides advice to companies so their communications and policy proposals are suitably tailored to the prevailing political context.  Ascend Strategic Counsel understands that policy advocacy must take place in manner that is marketable and realistic.

Ascend Strategic Counsel provides advice and access to the right mix of bureaucratic and political decision-makers, that is appropriate to the issue and matches the priorities of its client.  Ascend Strategic Counsel appreciates that Australia’s political environment is turbulent and challenging, and requires, in consequence, a sophisticated, bipartisan, broad approach, with the right mix of Ministers, backbenchers, Senators, Parliamentary committee members and bureaucrats.

In managing its government relations strategy, there are times when advocacy must work with other channels.  In this context, Ascend Strategic Counsel provides advice to its clients so these other components, such as alliance building, media, mail-outs, brochures, submissions and hearings all work in tandem with the overall policy goal.

An effective government relations program takes time, but with Ascend Strategic Counsel, clients may be confident it will be balanced, bipartisan and targeted.