How it works

Ascend Strategic Counsel helps clients make the right decisions.  It does so by providing insight and access to Canberra’s political and bureaucratic network.  This results in clients obtaining a unique competitive advantage, since they are better informed about what is happening in their public policy space.  This access not only provides a crucial understanding of the context of an issue but enables clients to become participants in the decision-making process.

Our approach

Ascend Strategic Counsel places the client first.  Ascend Strategic Counsel takes the time needed to be across its brief and ensure that it maintains an ongoing relationship with those asking for its help.  Ascend Strategic Counsel understands that effective representation is only possible by always appreciating the client’s perspective and how that may change.

Ascend Strategic Counsel also understands that reaching out to decision-makers is not about meetings.  It is about appropriate messaging and building targeted relationships on trust, transparency and credibility.  This process takes time, but for clients, being part of a ‘community of influence’, is a key strategic asset in an ever-changing and turbulent political space.